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Gelco Travel Manager

How It Works

Travel Manager software will streamline the entire travel process by transforming travel authorizations and vouchers into a user-friendly, paperless environment. Travel authorizations and expense vouchers are prepared and approved right from the desktop. Documents and approvals, including electronic signatures, are routed via the Internet. 

Once a document is created, it is routed electronically to the traveler for signature, then to the supervisor for approval to travel, onto the budget authority, then to the Travel Office for review, and finally to the agency head for certification.  Each person in the approval process receives an e-mail alerting him/her that your travel request is awaiting approval using the Travel Manager program.

This program will allow you to eliminate the need to send any paperwork to the Travel Office. All required supporting documentation must be kept in the department in a separate folder or envelope for each traveler by trip. These documents will be subject to audit review and must be retained in the department until State of CT Records Retention regulations have been fulfilled. Contact Business Services for guidance. (Click here for supporting documentation requirements).

If a parking permit is required, please indicate this in the Comment section of the travel authorization.

Conference registration fees should be paid using the travelerís or departmentís CCSU Purchasing Card. If a card is needed, please contact Jo-Ann Myers in the Purchasing Department, extension 22532.

To ensure compliance with the audit requirements of the University, periodic audits will be made of the travel documents to ensure that CCSUís travel policies and procedures are being followed. 

A member of the Travel Office will monitor conformance to these procedures. Scheduled audits will be completed for each department. These will be scheduled on a random basis each fiscal year.

If it is found during audit that reimbursement was made for expenses not authorized or receipted, the traveler will be expected to immediately repay the University for these expenses. 

Connect to the NEW system: and try it out!

Any questions regarding this policy or use of Travel Manager software may be directed to Debbie Peterson - 22549.

1615 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT 06050  860.832.CCSU or toll free instate 1-888-733-2278

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