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Official Departmental/University records may not be destroyed or disposed of without proper, prior authorization.  As a state agency, Central Connecticut State University is obligated to obtain permission from the Office of the Public Records Administrator and State Archives PRIOR to the disposal of records.

When considering whether or not a record can or should be shredded, it  needs to be determined who is the “keeper” of the form.  A “keeper” is defined as the department who is responsible for the original version of the record and is the only one who needs to adhere to the records disposal guidelines for that particular record.

For example, Academic Affairs completes a Purchase Requisition to obtain office supplies.  Academic Affairs keeps a copy of the Purchase Requisition and forwards the original Purchase Requisition to the Purchasing Department.  The Purchasing Department is responsible for holding onto the Purchase Requisition and obtaining permission to destroy the record in accordance with the Records Retention schedules. 

In order to receive approval to destroy records, an RC-108 form must be completed and the records must meet the records retention schedule standards. In completing this form, the first step is to consult the records retention schedules in determining the category of the records you wish to destroy.  The retention schedules may be found at:

S1 - Administrative Records

S2 - Personnel Records

 S3 - Fiscal Records

S4 - Health Information Management Records and Case Files

S5 - Student Records Maintained by Connecticut State Institutions of Higher Education

S6 - Electronic Data Processing Records

The records retention schedules list record titles common to most State agencies.  Determining where your records fall within these categories is sometimes difficult.  Business Services would be glad to provide assistance to determine what Retention Schedule and Record Series Title you should use if a brief description of the records being disposed can be provided.  It is important to ensure that none of the records you wish to destroy are categorized “permanent”, especially where personnel records are concerned. 

Once you have determined the category of the records you wish to dispose, an RC-108 form must be completed and sent to Business Services, Marcus White Annex 006.  This form can be found at:

            RC 108 - Records Disposal Authorization Form   (PDF Format)

            RC 108 - Records Disposal Authorization Form   (EXCEL Format)

CCSU’s Director of Business Services, who serves as the Records Management Liaison Officer for CCSU, will verify that these records meet the approved retention schedules for destruction and will sign off as the Records Management Liaison Officer for CCSU.  The signed RC-108 form will be forwarded to the State Library for approval.  Once Business Services receives the approved document back from the state archivist, you will be notified that CCSU has received approval to destroy the records and a copy of the approved RC-108 will be provided to the department. The approval process may take up to four weeks.

Upon such notification, it is the responsibility of each individual department to arrange for the shredding and disposal of the documents with our contract vendor, Infoshred, LLC, 3 Craftsman Road, East Windsor, CT  06088 (phone 860.627.5800; fax 860.627.5809).  Your University P-Card is accepted by Infoshred, LLC for service charges of $999 or less.

A Purchase Requisition should be submitted for Infoshred Services exceeding $999.

We have found that using bankers boxes available through Corporate Express, our on-line contract vendor for ordering supplies, to be excellent for storing records and ultimately the disposal of them.  The boxes can hold up to 1.5 cu. ft. and are easy to handle and store.

Please remember that records may not be destroyed without following the procedures indicated above which is mandated by state statute.  The state auditors do make note of this while performing their compliance audit.

To receive assistance in completing the RC-108, or to receive assistance in categorizing your proposed records for destruction, please contact Jo-Ann Myers at x22501 or email her at myers@ccsu.edu.

Questions concerning whether or not certain files can be destroyed can be directed to Lori James by emailing her at jamesloa@ccsu.edu.


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